The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS) has been allocated by the IRCC as the work environment approves to supply educational credential assessment services to people applying for Immigration to Canada. The reports from ICAS portrays a comparison of instructive capability against the Canadian/Ontario system of education. As an applicant, you will get two report copies from ICAS and one you need to submit in the EE pool alongside your complete Federal Skilled Worker application.

The International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada is a government-authorized agency which offers education credential assessment to those applying for Canadian immigration. The service performs a comparison-based assessment for the applicant’s education against the Canadian education system.

The potential candidate wants to immigrate to Canada.

A foreign student looking for a study in Canada.

The candidate is living in Canada but has completed his/her study in a foreign country.

Candidate with a degree from any other Canadian province and looking for an Ontario qualification for employment benefits or higher studies.

A Candian citizen looking to study abroad.

A candidate living in Canada but have plans to work in the USA under a TN Visa.

Do you belong to any of the above categories?

We can guide you in your ECA process with ICAS. Keep in touch, we are just one call away!

Processing time :

ICAS processing time is 30 weeks approximately, not a guarantee, may differ due to various reasons.

pricing: 3000/- +gst

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