About Us

Welcome To Ed-Works

We offer end to end business services across the domains to start, develop, grow and expand the business. We also offer services to cut cost, hire manpower, administration and all the solutions related to IT domain, including AI, ML and designing.

Who Are We

We are team of highly experienced professionals, who have vision to solve problems across domains of business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to automate all the process of business by optimal utilization of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

What We Do

We dont only consult, we look to execute our plans and have the results talking on our behalf.

Our History

We have been into industry for 2 years now, but have the team deployed, who are highly exprecienced, and self motivated, which is result specific.

Our 6-D Process


We put out maximum of efforts to do the why-why analysis, to identify the true root cause. When problem is well identified, 50% solution is already done.


Here comes the part of analysis, where we jot down problem in parts, distribute in well mannered setups, to further look forward.


Then comes to design the solution part, the step by step process, its impact and level wise outcome.


Here we develop our full proof designed plan on the basis of identified root cause, we develop strategies to in parts to get the problem solved.


Then it comes to execute those developed strategies, to get the desired outcomes.


Finally it comes to deliver the results to the client, the cost involved and the garnered outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

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